At Warley Town School we value effective communication with our families. We aim to keep families up - to - date, informed and engaged through the following methods of communication:


Text messages

We regularly use a text messaging service to provide information regarding your child, such as being given an award or allocated a place in a club.  If you do not receive a text when you think you should have or you wish to change the mobile number used, please let the school office know.


Website mobile app

We have a mobile phone App that will send alerts straight through to your phone as additions are made to the school web page. To add and use the App on iPhone/ Android devices:

  1. Search the App store for the Webanywhere School Updates App and install it.
  2. Run the App and the Flash page is displayed and then click the Add School button and search for your school using our Postcode. Our Postcode is: HX2 7QD
  3. Select the school. Press ‘done’.
  4. The News items are displayed in the News Tab (bottom right corner). This application gets the news items from the News section on our website.  

Newsletters via email

Our newsletter is sent out electronically, usually once a fortnight.  To receive a copy electronically:

  • visit our website and scroll down the homepage
  • subscribe by inserting your name and email address

If you wish to opt in for a hard paper copy, please let the school know.

If you would like any help with either of these methods of communication, then please call in to the school office.

In our endeavour to be more eco-friendly, reduce paper waste and school costs we hope you will make full use of these facilities.


Class Dojo

Once your child has started school we will provide details about how you can join our learning platform. This can be access via a website or through the Class Dojo App.



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