Club Manager :                                Mrs Smith
Playworkers :                                   Mrs Evans  /Mrs Clayton / Mrs Wright / Mrs Welch
School Business Manager:            Mrs  Batley  

Club Contact Numbers :  01422 831592  

Mobile No. 07874244005 (To be used during club opening hours). 

Opening hours:   7.50am to 8.50am    (when the bell goes)                       £3 per session
                            3.20pm to 5.25pm    (when the school is locked up).     £6 per session

Email:  admin@warleytown.calderdale.sch.uk

REMINDER:  The club is closed 'after-school' on 2 days of the year, last day of term at Christmas and the last day of summer term i.e. 22nd Dec & 20th July


Please note there is no guarantee of a place in this club as it is proving very popular
and on some days we are full. 


                       Contract & Security Form - September 2019 



        We would require minimum one weeks notice if possible for any changes to contract secured
        places. Unfortunately we cannot facilitate adhoc bookings due to the capacity of the club.   In an
        absolute emergency please contact Mrs Batley.     Thank you.