Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy

Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy


Our approach to teaching in maths is one that is based on concrete, pictorial and abstract use of number which children can then use confidently to reason and solve problems.

We encourage children to develop their mathematical thinking as well as their knowledge of maths.

Children regularly practice mental recall and key skills in addition to maths lessons where new skills are introduced and children have the opportunity to apply and consolidate their learning in a variety of ways.

We are currently using the 'White Rose Maths Hub' overviews and resources as a guide to planning:

Class W - Reception

Class A - Year 1 & 2

Class R - Year 2 & 3

Class L - Year 4

Class E - Year 5

Class Y - Year 6


Children are expected to consolidate their learning of times tables at home using Times Table Rockstars (3 - 5 times a week) and home workbooks at the end of each block of learning. 

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