Curriculum Intent - What do we hope to achieve?

At Warley Town School will ensure that all pupils secure essential skills and knowledge which enable them to access a broad and engaging curriculum. Our curriculum will be accessible, purposeful, enjoyable and memorable.

We will always endeavor to remove barriers to learning so that all pupils, including disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils, can thrive and develop as motivated, independent, resilient learners.

Our curriculum will be planned to ensure progression between year groups and key stages, instilling a love of learning and readiness for their next stage of education.


Curriculum Implementation – How will we deliver the curriculum?

Pupils will access a broad and engaging curriculum.Often, although not  exclusively, subjects will be taught through topics. This enables pupils to access a wide range of cross curricular knowledge and skills in a way that engages them  and helps their learning to ‘stick’.

EYFS Framework

National Curriculum 

Curriculum Overview - coming soon

Reading - coming soon

Writing - coming soon

Maths - coming soon


Curriculum Impact - How effective is our curriculum?

The impact of our curriculum will be measured and monitored by senior leaders and subject coordinators who consider and evaluate:

  • Pupil outcomes
  • Pupil voice
  • Internal monitoring
  • External monitoring

Ofsted 2017:

“Warley Town School is a friendly and welcoming school, where pupils enjoy their learning and behave well. The curriculum is engaging and serves the needs of all pupils.”

“The broad curriculum engages pupils successfully. It also offers them opportunities to learn about different lifestyles and life choices.”

“The curriculum provides pupils with regular opportunities to reinforce their reading, writing and mathematics skills. It also engages pupils well. The curriculum also offers pupils opportunities to learn about different lifestyles and life choices. For example, pupils learn about different faiths and cultures. In this way, you enhance pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, as well as their understanding of British values successfully.”




          Reading tips for parents


A family friendly guide to the 2014 curriculum can be found by clicking on this link:

Curriculum Resources









The school uses a published scheme ‘Jolly Phonics’ to support the teaching and learning of phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1. Click on the link to view the provider’s webpage:



Jolly Phonics


   There are many links on the internet to support parents at home. The flowing link explains the actions      for each letter in phase 2:


   This link is for phase 3 and 4:


 Method Of Assessment

  An explanation of the school’s method of assessment can be found by clicking the below link:

  Method Of Assessment